Yes that’s right I’m coming over to the mainland 😉 to accompany a friend who’s having surgery out there so I thought I’d offer a few sessions to the local gents near Gent! 😉 If you’d like to come and see me please email me at and hopefully we can arrange some thoroughly good spankings, canings and whatever else you have in mind! 😉

Please do forgive my lack of  blog posting of late, but I will when I can… 😉

C u in Belgium! 😉 xxx

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Back after an unexpected break…


Hello folks and how are we? I’m sure you’ve all been wondering where I’ve been and I’m so sorry I’ve not been able to come online and tell you. I had to take a bit of break from the scene unexpectedly but I’m back now and slowly but surely easing myself back in to my high heels, strapping on the corset and exercising that caning arm back into life…

And of course the best way to start back was with one of my most faithful slaves cleaning my house from top to bottom then taking his Mistress out for a lovely lunch on a beautiful sunny terrace today. What a gorgeous perfect English summers’ day it was, not too hot, bright and breezy and full of sunshine…

Another faithful slave also fixed my gate so  I can bolt it locked so that no riff raff can wander up my path once I’m home and relaxing for the evening…

Ah the simple pleasures of a Dominatrix at home… 😉




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Filthy Times with Fae ;)


Well what a wonderful week myself and the very naughty Fae Corbin have had!

First it was a delightfully filthy 3some with a very naughty slave pictured above as the final celebration of my 40th birthday –

Maid Fae and naughty Butler D were caught by Lady Chaste playing illegal spanking games with each other while they thought she was out… well she wasn’t and very annoyed was she to discover them giggling and gadding about her living room pretending to be naughty ponies, spanking and cropping each other and drinking her champagne! They had to be dealt with very severely which included being tied together (as seen above) then royally strap-on fucked and flogged! The e-stim electrosex machine even had to come out at the end so furious was Lady Chaste, and oh my did they both squeeeeaal! 😉

Next was a filming session for Fae and I which was great fun, the results of which shall be published soon. In just one afternoon we managed to film 3 rental films, all of which will also be available as clips and with plenty of stills of the filthy furious action as well. 3 very sexy scenarios were created:

  1. They naughty maid is caught by the Lady of the Manor reading porn instead of cleaning, again!
  2. A cheeky office worker is found by the CEO using her phone to complain about her behind her back!
  3. The wicked stable girl is put in her place by the stables owner for playing with the stable boys during working hours in front of the poor horses!

Watch this space to see all the fun soon 🙂






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Rock/Biker/Rockabilly Chix = Dominatrix Chix! ;)


Went to the above cafe over the Eostre w/e and had a fab time! Love the way all us alternative chix sort of cross over – biker chix, rock chix, rockabilly chix, Dominatrix Chix! 😉 There was a cross section of all of us there looking fab and feeling great and all winking and smiling at each other… 😉 There was even a surprise visit from a singer I love and have seen around and about London a lot! She sings fab vintage jazz standards like me, gets her dresses from one of my fave shops – Vivien of Holloway – and even does jive nights where my jive/swing/lindy dance teacher also loves to go! Just love all the serendipity and coincidences 🙂

Hope you all had a fun, jolly and naughty bank hold w/e too 😉



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The Travelling Dominant Yogini is Back!

2016-03-21 14.07.03

You may have been wondering where I’ve been all this time, well I’ve been on holiday – to India no less! As you can see from the above pic combining foot fetishism and a holy dip in the ganges, I went back to my fully fledged spiritual hippy roots and went on a trip to the holy city of Rishikesh with my yoga teacher and a group of her fellow students.

If you’re wondering where Rishikesh is, it’s where the Beatles went in the 1960’s on their hippy spiritual journey… 😉

It’s a very beautiful town in northern India right where the ganges river meets the Himalayas. It’s the international capital of yoga and is brimming with every type of yoga and meditation class and other related activity you could ever wish for.

As you can imagine I did a yoga and meditation class nearly every day and much more besides – including of course the all important dip in the ganges! This we did on the day of  one of the most prominent hindu Gods, Shiva, by a sacred cave where sages and gurus have meditated for many a long day.

The above pic was from a trip to the neighbouring town of Haridwar at the daily evening puja ceremony. The river was running so fast and hard it was like a horizontal waterfall and only felt safe for a paddling! Even though many a wild young thing was jumping in and then hanging on for dear life to the chains and posts on the riverbanks!

It was all a very interesting and powerful experience but simply just not enough time to explore everything the area and the country itself has to offer. It’s a huge country and so very different to the UK that I completely understand why people go travelling around there for several months at a time…

Anyway, I’m back now and very much looking forward to dipping my toes in to all of my foot slaves waiting mouths rather than rolling holy rivers…







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Feet & Other Unusual Fetishes

DSC_0248 copy 2

Nice shapely calf wouldn’t you say? Well believe it or not that is one of the many fetishes I have recently catered for in a selection of film and photo shoots. Others include feet (not so unusual), unshaven hairy armpits & lipstick fetish! All found on my profile page where I’ve just uploaded 4 movie clips & 46 pix to my alter-ego on there. Go check them out! – 


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Wrestling and Spanking!

Well what a weekend! My very first wrestling film shoot!

I’d done a little bit of wrestling training but hadn’t taken it much further until I got a call out of the blue from the lovely Will of and He said they’re always looking for new big strong lasses like myself for fantasy wrestling shoots so why don’t I come on up to the Black Country and have a go? He also wanted to start making his own CP films as well so with an offer of being able to wrestle AND spank a gaggle of naughty boys and girls, how could I refuse!

After leaving the house in the freezing cold at 6.45am on Sat morning I finally arrived at the Rowley Regis studios as 10am – oh the dedication! After lots of nice chit chat and introductions with all the other gorgeous dominant wrestling gals, it was finally my turn to take charge of the wrestling room. And, of course, take charge I did! First up for me was the gorgeous Jade. She’s an experienced wrestler but loves a bit of girlie girl-on-girl Femdom sublime action so really enjoyed submitting to me as I chased her round the room! 😉 Next it was the infamous Ashley Rider who was still recovering from rather a heavy duty cat fight so was happy to let me take control and face sit her all over the place!

The best was yet to come however when it was time for a girl gang boy attack! Three against two and of course, the girls came out on top as always – brilliant fun! 🙂

I was also challenged to an arm wrestle by the lovely Will which of course I won thanks to all the swimming, yoga and pilates I do every week! I was even a bit giddy afterwards, high on the glory of winning, what a typical Aries!

After a few more challenges it was time for me to retire to my hotel where a lovely hot shower and a nice meal was a welcome way to relax after a long busy day.

Sunday was an early start again but with lots more fun in store again with some more mixed wrestling and then of course my favourite, a spanking shoot! Oh what fun! Great scenarios invented by Will included my lazy P.A. being demoted to a naked cleaner and a lazy husband being spanked for not doing the gardening! The poor young laddie who was my victim in these shoots hadn’t received many spankings before so having to not go too hard on his poor little bum was rather a challenge! But I of course rose to it majestically and great fun was had by all 😉

Watch this space to see all the results on film!





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